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What Is Dynamic DNS?

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Dynamic DNS is a service that maps easy to remember domain names (like google.com) to harder to remember IP addresses (for example

What Can You Do With Dynamic DNS?

Two friends playing an online game together
Host a video game server
A person accessing their smart home lighting system from a tablet
Access your smart devices
Two laptops connected to eachother in a screen sharing session
Remote access your PCs
A woman who is hosting her email at home, rather than at some unknown data center
Host email wherever you like

Why Choose Us?

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  • 5 Free Hostnames
  • Up to 100 Hostnames
  • Rapid propagation/low TTLs
  • Reliable device connectivity
  • No downloads required
  • Email support

How To Get Started

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1. Sign up for free
A SuperDDNS user adding a new Hostname on their tablet
2. Add a new Hostname
A checkmark to symbolize that a connection to the new Hostname was successful
3. Test your new Hostname
A calendar icon to indicate someone has scheduled their Hostname updates
4. Schedule Hostname updates

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